Rossetti PHOTO

Photography business owned by awarded freelance and destination wedding photographer Antonio Rossetti, based in Split – Croatia.

After a lifetime of passion for visual arts, I’ve specialized mainly in wedding and underwater photography. However these two combined, bring a completely new, beautiful level to every photo. Over the course of years, I developed and refined my style in those fields of photography. That yielded several awards and exhibitions. Some of the happiest moments of my life occur underwater. Diving with a camera is an experience hardly explained by words, so I won’t even bother. Another amazing experience is working with couples. I’ve been doing wedding photography professionally since 2011. Capturing that perfect moment of emotion between newlyweds which is one of the most rewarding challenges you can wish for.

If it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, then I find it impossible to describe myself and my work in ordinary words.  How to depict love? Emotions? Above all, the profound passion poured into searching for the perfect frame, light and moment to have finally created a perfect photo? I strongly believe that photography is much more than a pretty piece of paper. It is a perpetuated moment in time – seemingly unimportant, but on angles speck of someone’s life, that will never leave any observer indifferent.

This is exactly why my approach to your wedding is very subtle, almost invisible. Capturing all the beautiful, genuine emotions and moments that will forever hold a memory of the most important day of your lives.



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